Innovations in Social Impact Measurement Symposium (April 22-23,2019)

Course Offering:

Dates: April 22–23, 2019

Location: Washington, DC Metro Area

Tuition: $350

Code: 5122




Organizations and their investors want to see that social investments and community engagement are getting impacts. They prefer to measure impact themselves but in a way that renders credibility to their measurements for all stakeholders. Practitioners want to be able to use data they can collect themselves in a reasonable timeframe. Leadership and stakeholders need to have confidence in the validity and comparability of impact measurements reported by different project teams.

A combination of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and skills development workshops, this symposium reviews cutting-edge data-driven approaches to enhancing social impact and the latest innovations in self-led social impact measurement. We will review how to develop a strategy for identifying and addressing non-technical risks (NTR), prove you’re having a meaningful impact, and learn how to improve. You will be exposed to easy-to-complete tools that can be used across the company and allow for a uniform yet flexible approach across all initiatives, no matter the stage of development, type of investment/engagement, or geography. The event will also review:

  • Social return on investment (SROI) techniques
  • Strategies for positioning CSR and social impact measurement in your organization
  • Getting the most out of your impact data.

Through presentations, case studies, and group discussions, CSR professionals will gain knowledge and skills needed to measure social impact in their own organizations.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Cutting-edge solutions to enhance social impact including machine learning
  • Guiding considerations in social impact measurement
  • Performing Social Return on Investment (SROI) Measurement
  • Social Impact Measurement (SIM) Pre-design: best practices in stakeholder and community engagement
  • SIM Design: how to customize SIM tools and templates to your needs and specific projects
  • SIM Implementation: setting up and implementing data collection system regardless of geography